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Solaris Express Community Build 72

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  • Solaris Express Community Build 72

    Phoronix: Solaris Express Community Build 72

    For those of you wanting to try out the latest and greatest in OpenSolaris software right now prior to the release of "Project Indiana", build 72 of Solaris Express Community Edition is now available. Solaris Express Community Edition (SXCE) Build 72 can be downloaded from

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    I installed it on DELL D810 laptop with 1920x1200 screen resolution. The resolution was discovered and set automatically. Wireless was OK too, after I answered WEP key question for my home network.

    One problem I have so far is that iwi0 (wireless) dhcp updates /etc/resolv.conf but when I connect at work through the cable (bge0 driver, I think) I do not get new DNS servers in resolv.conf.

    The other missing feature is access to NTFS on Windows partition. Ntfs-3g works quite well under Linux for write/read. Well, except of speed...

    I had a dual boot with Fedora 7 and Windows. Fedora seemed to be faster then Windows minimum as Subversion updates go, but Solaris looks faster then Fedora.