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ATI R500/600 Driver For Solaris Coming?

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  • ATI R500/600 Driver For Solaris Coming?

    Phoronix: ATI R500/600 Driver For Solaris Coming?

    While no ATI fglrx driver is available for Solaris/OpenSolaris or *BSD, now that AMD will be offering up specifications to X.Org developers and an open-source driver, it certainly is promising for any Solaris user depending upon ATI's Radeon X1000 "R500" or HD 2000 "R600" series. The open-source X.Org driver that will be released next week is far from mature, but it should be able to be ported to Solaris and other operating systems using X.Org with relative ease.

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    Even though I don't like Sun much, neither Solaris, I reckon this is a good thing! It also means that more users will be able to use their ATi hardware on these platforms, and won't be held back due to lack of support.


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      This sounds too much like an advertisement, but I just have to say it:
      Your hardware -- your rules.

      That's the way it should be!
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        Indeed, but there is a segment for market too in Solaris


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          OpenSolaris Project Indiana + OpenSource AMD driver... what could I want more This winter definitly rocks with all the great games, projects and suprises.

          I am wondering if things like ET:QW will run, too.