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  • OpenSolaris "Indiana" Information

    Phoronix: OpenSolaris "Indiana" Information

    This week Sun's Glynn Foster had two presentations on Project Indiana in Australia and Ireland. In the talks Glynn had went over the basic information on what Project Indiana is about as well as sharing other details and listening to feedback from the audience. These slides are now published on the Internet, some of which we will be sharing in this article as well as talking about some of the points.

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    I am looking forward to the preview release at/on (?) October 07. The Installer really does look user friendly to me. I could have installed SXCE now but I will wait for this release to retry a Solaris sytem.


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      It seems like the decision to create a new packaging system instead of using dpkg/apt isn't motivated by the goal of increasing community adoption, but instead by a different goal -- technical usability improvements, Solaris compatibility, or something.

      I recently installed Nexenta on a new server, and I'm pretty happy with it. Why doesn't Project Indiana get its start by supporting Nexenta?


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        The next time someone interviews Ian Murdock (or another Sun person), I would like for them to ask: Why isn't Project Indiana a derivation of Nexenta or integrated with the Nexenta project?

        I don't mind if the Sun folks (possibly Ian Murdock himself) things they can do things better than Nexenta does them, but I would like to see the "Better" justification stated explicitly. Currently the explicit justification is "Community integration", which seems incompatible with this decision.


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          why not?

          so why not? thats easy. nexenta is debian (ubuntu) kernel swaping. done before with linux.
          if want to have a linux system, what do i install?
          linux - thats it.
          so why not use a gnu/linux userland libc etc etc
          easy. solaris is a promise. a promise to not break things badly. a promise to maintain stable api's - binary compatibility is everything. i can install solaris 7 apps or drivers on solaris 10 and even SXCE/DE without a problem.
          more progression? yes we want such. but we dont want to have a broken system! solaris is a sysV unix, not linux.

          what i want from opensolaris atm is not another distro worked at from sun. i want to have suns folks work on the real things, like removing the last binary depends and cleaning up the code so that it get easy to create a self hosted distro from it. i want them working on things like powersaving, suspend to disk - later ram, proper speed steppings for modern cpus, working speed stepping for multicores.
          i consider things like SXDE a waste of time and money. no patches for it, no need for it.
          i dont need a "tested" distro where i dont have to install studio. i can install studio by myself in the way i like. people that cant complete such tasks by there self should not be in charge doing there workstation setups. winning over linux people/devs with such? i dont think so. future more you dont want to have linux people that are unable to install software outside from there favorite package-system.

          and i want to have my dam zfs root, and i want to have it now with working lu!

          enough of that....