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NTFS on external HDD and OPenSolaris- is it impossible to access?

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  • NTFS on external HDD and OPenSolaris- is it impossible to access?

    I have an external 1TB HDD that connects to my dual boot Windows XP/OpenSolaris box on which disk I had piled a bunch of interesting documentation that I'd like to be able to access in both OS's. However, in OpenSolaris, it's not possible. It refuses to mount NTFS volumes. As suggested on some of their blogs at, I installed ntfsprogs and tried to mount my external HDD but no juice. Upon rmformat -l, it reports my attached disk correctly but nothing further.
    Have any of OpenSolaris users here had any luck mounting NTFS onto OpenSolaris? I am using the 2009.6 version and curently use an extremely ugly workaround: virtualize Ubuntu in VirtualBox, enable Shared Folders, mount NTFS onto Ubuntu (works like a charm with it) and then use Shared Folders for data exchange between OSol and external HDD.
    It can't be that it's impossible, I hope I am missing something.
    P.S. Nice and chatty community here, I like what I found...

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    not automatic, so it can't plug and play, but it does give you the relevant mount command ability.

    because it's user space it's not fault tolerant though, if you have bad sectors it will stop talking to the drive, and you will have to unmount and remount in this case.


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      Does opensolaris support fuse? If it does, use ntfs-3g.


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        ntfs-3g works for OpenSolaris. However, I only get something like 3 MB/sec over USB. varelg, what ntfs speeds do you get via VirtualBox?

        I have found no way of getting good USB speeds on OpenSolaris with NTFS. FAT32 gives slightly faster, like... 10MB/sec(?). Cant remmeber.

        To get full speed with NTFS, I start up an Windows laptop and transfer via network.


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          I don't do Windows to access NTFS/FAT, I boot Ubuntu it has real NFS not Samba, windows is a last resort ...


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            jadrevenge, ok, what NTFS r/w speed do you get with virutalized Ubuntu, ontop OpenSolaris?

            When I virtualize WinXP ontop OpenSolaris, I get 3MB/sec.


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              I don't virtualise; I've got Ubuntu on another box, and I just NFS between them