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LLNL Talks To Us About Their Linux ZFS Port

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  • LLNL Talks To Us About Their Linux ZFS Port

    Phoronix: LLNL Talks To Us About Their Linux ZFS Port

    Following this morning's article entitled Native ZFS Is Coming To Linux Next Month where the work by a small company from India that ported ZFS to Linux as a native kernel module was discussed, we heard from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. As was mentioned in today's ZFS article, the LLNL received a contract from the United States Department of Energy to port Sun's ZFS file-system to Linux...

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    Darshin's a bit too enthusiastic about this. He's just inviting people to troll him by making such broad generalizations. Mr. Behlendorf has a good plan, and it gives some credibility to KQ Infotech that LLNL plans to integrate their POSIX layer, but coming here and attacking our regulars who so much as express skepticism about this project is extremely unprofessional of someone trying to push a technology. Sounds to me like he's just waiting to release it, get people hooked on it, then make improvements closed source and try to make money on it. If Oracle can do it, so can they.