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What happened to the Glassfish webstack?

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  • What happened to the Glassfish webstack?

    I am running up another Solaris 10 based web server today only to find that the Glassfish webstack no longer exists and getting to any url's that point to it takes you to a removed page.

    Anyone know if it is just hidden somewhere or is it just another victim of Oracle?


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    Well Glassfish still shows up in the IPS repo for Opensolaris b133. also the default homepage still seems to be alive:


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      Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I don't require Glassfish itself but the webstack that included updated versions of MySQL, Apache and PHP (these are the bits I use anyway). Solaris 10 doesn't use the IPS system, so I can't install those components that way.

      I may just have to use the sunfreeware versions of those applications or compile them from source, I just like the convenient and optimised versions of those appliations that Sun built.


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        To the best I can tell, Webstack on Sol 10 is dead. If you have an existing support contract, it will remain in place until 2014. No new support contracts will be sold. There is no indication from Oracle as to whether a transitional path to another product will appear, or whether they care about the SAMP market at all anyway.

        Webstack on OpenSolaris continues, and still seems in active development. However, with OpenSolaris 2010.03 MIA I have no idea what is going on there.

        You can still download Webstack 1.5 for Sol 10 directly at:[email protected]_SMI

        I would not expect this link to last, so get it while it's hot. And work out a transition to another xAMP stack of some description.

        A sad decision IMO, as this was a great and very convenient product. I now have a dozen or so deployments I need to figure out as I won't get any security updates from now on.


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          Thanks for the link.

          Yeah is a shame that its going away, I really do like Solaris.

          Oh well