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set-tmp-permission legacy service is not running in Netra CCMP3060 blade server?

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  • set-tmp-permission legacy service is not running in Netra CCMP3060 blade server?

    In my Solaris 10 - Netra CP3060, the following particular script is not running:

    Above script is to set the default permission of /tmp & /var/tmp while rebooting if it found any inconsistencies. I changed the file permission of /tmp and rebooted my server. As the above scripts are not running, it shouldn't change the file permission to default. But the file permission changed after reboot.

    Please let me know is there any other service running related to this in my server. Was this script incorporated in SMF facility, if so whats that service name?


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    these scripts run once on entering run level 2, they are the old style scripts.

    If you really want to stop this from working put an "exit;" on the first line of the script or move/rm it out of /etc/rc2.d directory.


    PS. run level 2 is run _before_ run level 3 during boot up.


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      Problem is this script is not present in CCMP3060 chasis. If i modify the /tmp and /var/tmp permissions, after reboot the change doesnt persist. I think apart from this service, some other service is running and responsible for reverting the changes and mark it to default permission.

      If so whats that service name? Is it incorporated in SMF?


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        hmm ...
        I don't have "set-tmp-permissions" anywhere on my system.

        I do have a svc "svc:/system/rmtmpfiles:default" ...

        which if i do a:
        laptop% svccfg
        svc:> select svc:/system/rmtmpfiles
        svc:/system/rmtmpfiles> listprop
        tmp dependency
        tmp/entities fmri svc:/system/filesystem/minimal
        tmp/grouping astring require_all
        tmp/restart_on astring none
        tmp/type astring service
        general framework
        general/entity_stability astring Evolving
        general/single_instance boolean true
        dependents framework
        dependents/rmtmpfiles_multi-user fmri svc:/milestone/multi-user
        startd framework
        startd/duration astring transient
        start method
        start/exec astring /lib/svc/method/rmtmpfiles
        start/timeout_seconds count 30
        start/type astring method
        stop method
        stop/exec astring :true
        stop/timeout_seconds count 1
        stop/type astring method
        tm_common_name template
        tm_common_name/C ustring "remove temporary files"
        svc:/system/rmtmpfiles> quit

        shows me that the file it is running is: /lib/svc/method/rmtmpfiles

        which appears to run the commands:
        /usr/bin/mkdir -m 1777 /tmp
        /usr/bin/chown root:sys /tmp

        that might be what you want.