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    yeh rite need a stable os, ok so we have 1 user

    all this solaris stuff is uno neat, cuz solaris was all bad as fuck in the 90's and sun computers look cool and were super mega leet in the 90's

    and I think its great sun open sourced it, since uno, they pretty much had to in order to survive or have some plan at all..

    but now any of these solaris dirivitive jives are hobbiest stuff only, its not going to be mainstream for normal users or even power users ever. its hobby stuff, and for the matter hobby stuff can be great. but don't delude yourself to believe linux itself is unstable... hardly.

    don't confuse firefox crashes with linux crashes


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      Solaris for the desktop is like mustard for ice cream... Last time I tried Solaris (2008.something) my network card wasn't working, no sound, graphics slow as molasses. Seriously, Solaris is still only suitable for what is was created in the first place: specialized workstations trimmed to run it.

      And what does StormOS do? It drops the Linux kernel from a GNU/Linux setup and replaces it with a kernel that has awful hardware support. The only reason this thing exists is because it's a fun project for its developers. I see no real use here.
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        Originally posted by d2kx View Post
        Beautiful font rendering.
        Thats not the default, check out the screenshots on