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A Weekend Look At OpenSolaris 2009.06

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    Well, my main reason are the development tools. I also never experienced a serious crash.

    Sure, if all you want is a gnome desktop + openoffice you can pretty much choose any linux or bsd.


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      Originally posted by susikala View Post
      I did try OpenSolaris. I just experienced whatever you experience with every stock Linux distribution...therefore I see no point to it...
      If your needs were clear, then your questions would be more directed, and the best OS would be easy to identify. If you are simply looking for an open desktop to surf the web then choose a Linux distribution, they tend to advance more quickly and support more hardware than OpenSolaris or BSD.

      That being said, if you were running a large transactional or online system that is business critical, a prime example of where OpenSolaris stands strong is in the ability to debug problems.

      I read a case study where DTrace allowed a user to investigate a performance issue in their app by generating a trace from the kernel all the way up to and including the users application (something I understand you can not easily do in Linux), and within a couple of hours (hours! not days) were able to identify the core OS issue, generate a patch, and have it applied onto the system; it improved the performance of the app something like 20-40%. Do the cost/benefit analysis on that one [I've lost weeks of man hours debugging production problems on MS hosted solutions...the tools really make the difference]

      I don't claim to remember the numbers exactly, and it was a single case, and largely marketing spiel, but that doesn't matter; DTrace has been praised strongly, and is being ported to BSD and MacOSX, Linux doesn't have it although they are trying to produce a clone of the technology.

      So booting and playing with an OS and seeing the same old desktop simply shows that the flexibility of open source has allowed the desktop to easily ported and added to the system. This is a great feat if you have ever run older unix systems with their lack of quality desktop or business apps. But it doesn't tell you anything about the system otherwise, such as what an awesome debugging platform it is.

      Really...what results could you expect from demand that the platform be better summarized for you after stating it's pointless. You didn't even state your needs, and there wasn't even curiosity, just "this sucks". Would a chef explain the interesting things on a menu if you yell out when entering a restaurant is "what stinks?"

      [edit: btw... the benefits of solaris and it's technologies have been explained in many places, and compared to Linux in others. It is not unreasonable for someone to ask you to do some research, so that their time isn't wasted answering the same questions over and over. If you respect their time, they will likely gladly give you detailed answers on things you need "clarified"]
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