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Linux to Solaris Comparison Guide?

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    I downloaded the companion CD too but haven't gotten to that yet. Will the companion CD work with Open Solaris as well? I think I got a little to giddy knowing that prstat might be better than top, especially for an OS that I'm just starting to seriously play with...

    I have to ask though, because I don't see an interface for it, how do you add users [in Solaris 10]? Is it just adduser user and then passwd user from the command prompt or something similar [again whole same but different thing].

    Keep any other additional hints coming, I'm loving these little revelations!


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      there is the SMC (System management console) but if you ask me (Yeah, I'm a luddite) it's just a world of pain ...

      I have scripts set up here (We now use LDAP on our servers) that does all the setup and prompts for me ... but on a single machine you're as well of just manually doing it.

      Companion CD doesn't work with OpenSolaris exactly ... I mean, the packages will work, but that's not the recommended way of getting the packages, there is the 'pkg-get' system now.