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IBM Buying Sun?

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    Originally posted by alazyworkaholic View Post
    AFAIK Sun is the major sponsor of What would happen to its development if Sun gets bought out? I've been a little worried about what might happen since Sun's market has been crunched by Linux. Would this be good or bad for OOo?
    Umm ... If IBM bought Sun OpenOffice would be in very safe hands ... have you google'd "IBM OpenOffice" ?

    IBM are big in the OASIS group that specified the standards by which OpenOffice works; In some areas OpenOffice is seen as IBM's baby, and the press believe that IBM are using OpenOffice as a stick to beat Microsoft.

    OpenOffice, MySQL and Java are the things that will definitely survive.

    I kinda hope that Solaris will continue and that AIX apps will be ported to it because Solaris is more mature and has more development (especailly with ZFS), especially since OpenSolaris has a PowerPC variant now, but that may be my wishful thinking.

    Problem with ZFS though is that IBM sell raid and storage solutions and ZFS does all that for free ... IBM might not like that hanging around ... Only thing in it's favour is that ZFS will hurt the competition too.

    One thing not mentioned (we have an ex-sun employee in our office, and he still likes Sun, but not the atmosphere that currently surrounds the place Sun still have 3 Billion in cash reserves, so if IBM buy it for 6 Billion they're getting a very good deal.


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      Note that IBM has been focusing more and more on software and services, and steadily divesting from hardware. I doubt that Sparc would survive in any form.


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        interesting idea. However I know from a reputable source at sun, that there is more and more support towards dropping opensolaris/solaris entirely and moving to linux.

        However this is not exactly likely to happen right now considering sun's higher echelons but worth noting. If a merger happen ibm might just do it.


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          Originally posted by highlandsun View Post
          Note that IBM has been focusing more and more on software and services, and steadily divesting from hardware. I doubt that Sparc would survive in any form.
          An increased focus on software and services is precisely why I think SPARC could survive. Sun already took the big step of open-sourcing variants of the UltraSPARC T1 and T2 processors and related design/verification tools. It seems like a natural follow-up to provide software and services for users of those designs. Whether that's a viable plan in the larger context of the market is another matter, of course.


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            looks like this could be likely :



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              Originally posted by lordmozilla View Post
              Heh, inquirer articles should always have a * on the quote saying

              * story may be full of bullshit if originating from inquirers "reliable sources"
              However with the NYT breaking the news there is more then likely some credibility to it.

              Back on topic, I can see IBM killing solaris and GPL'ing it's worthwhile assets (zfs, dtrace, etc).


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                And from the guy in my office who still owns Sun shares, the shareholders have said they want more money, and IBM have told them to get stuffed ...

                So this is off.


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                  I got told that ibm retracted their bid, but that it would probably be back.


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                    It's a good job this isn't eBay, otherwise you can get negative feedback for that


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                      Oh well.

                      At least it isn't Apple trying to snatch them.