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OpenIndiana 2020.10 Released For Continuing Where OpenSolaris Left Off

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    jacob the fact that you don't know how to use OS and set it up ain't no fault of said OS, fault lies in you.

    no, you dont need to reboot system after editing /etc/rc.conf. Starting the service would do the trick. Why would you be using vi for this, ee is included by default?
    How the OS would know about events? It has devd interface, through this you can configure what you would like to happen if some particular event (like USB tethered network) makes an appearance.

    Basic building blocks one would need to set up workstation or some specific server - all exist and are waiting after you to do the setting up. Thats the point of minimalism and no gui - you get the base and take things in your own hands from there. You know its pretty annoying having kitchensink os and trying to REMOVE useless crud before actually setting up shit you actually want - welcome to Linux, btw.

    Shitty hw support? FBSD supports over 90% of hw in wider circulation. Myth. Oh you can pick on things like Wifi and some graphics but so can I when it comes to Linux.

    DRM. You know what. Works now, through emulation. Some dude worked out howto - go see FreeBSD forums.

    Volta - you are one of the main shittalking kids frequenting moronix. Want me to dig up your past offensive posts to prove the point?


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      May the Sun (OpenSolaris), never set on OpenIndiana.