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Oracle Releases GraalVM 20.1 Virtual Machine With Some Big Improvements

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    Originally posted by cynical View Post

    Not tough, impossible. You’re talking about the difference being compile-time and run-time. The only thing you can do, other than rewrite libraries not to use dynamic features, is to provide the information ahead of time. An example is PGO, where the profiles are given rather than determined at runtime. For reflection, they have a tool called Tracing Agent which does something similar, but I have no idea how effective it is. It seems like a pain considering you’d have to run with different inputs to test all the code paths. Makes more sense to refactor libraries.
    Correct, that's the best we can hope for: identifying a subset of reflection usage that can be treated more or less automatically. Between that and libraries and frameworks starting making use of annotation processors where it makes sense, there may a chance to crack this nut