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OpenIndiana Hipster 2019.10 Released For Advancing Open-Source Solaris

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    Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
    What hardware?

    There is at most some horribly outdated list from Illumos here and some very limited community-generated list in the wiki
    that was compiled by community members by booting the liveCD and run their driver detection utility. Yeah that's great confidence for a businness that is going to run some core services to use mostly consumer hardware that was "tested" and "validated" by a random community member in a few minutes.

    FreeBSD on the other hand has a decent list of commercial vendors that sell "certified hardware" (certified by themselves but it's good enough) and provide paid commercial support

    This isn't Solaris, stop thinking it is anything more than a hobby OS. None uses OpenIndiana on serious hardware. Serious businness users are still using Solaris or have migrated to something else.
    Thanks buddy. Real good post.. Hey I was down in the lobby earlier and I guess a large shipment of DND figurines got delivered here by mistake.. They were going to throw them out but if you hurry...