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VirtualBox Guest Shared Folder Support Coming To The Mainline Linux Kernel

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    Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
    Well, that's ok, but it's completely unrelated to the article he linked. You might as well stated that you should respect people for what they are.
    All I wanted to say is if VBox is free why is Oracle being a pain in the ass for a free product? I acknowledged I read the article and checked to see if one could actually pay money for it.

    Not much more than that. Sorry I was hard to follow. I got educated.


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      Originally posted by edwaleni View Post

      Interesting story.

      You can buy Virtual Box if you want support. $50 per named user will get you 100 installs.

      Oracle VM VirtualBox Enterprise can be licensed as Named User Plus licenses or per Socket.

      As for that free version:

      Oracle grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license without fees to reproduce, install, execute, and use internally the Product on Host Computers for your Personal Use, Educational Use, or Evaluation.

      So if someone is running VBox commercially and making money off of it, well, you owe Oracle.
      'For Richard Palmer, director of the company, this was a perplexing demand. As he explained to The Register, "Merula does not operate or manage any computer using VirtualBox or any Oracle software."'