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VirtualBox 6.0 Beta 3 Released: Enables VMSVGA Device By Default, OCI Improvements

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    Originally posted by SteamPunker View Post
    Like VirtualBox, they obtained ownership of it when they acquired Sun Microsystems, and then they let it wither on the vine, until the open source community finally got fed up with its lack of progress and forked it to LibreOffice.
    No, some people who saw what happened to Solaris preemptively forked OpenOffice under the assumption that something bad would happen to it. OpenOffice was withering long before Oracle took over; that's why the Go O-O project existed. It incorporated lots of patches that the Sun team either wouldn't accept or never got around to adding.

    As Wikipedia puts it,

    Members of the community who were not Sun Microsystems employees had wanted a more egalitarian form for the project for many years; Sun had stated in the original announcement in 2000 that the project would eventually be run by a neutral foundation and put forward a more detailed proposal in 2001.

    Ximian and then Novell had maintained the ooo-build patch set, a project led by Michael Meeks, to make the build easier on Linux and due to the difficulty of getting contributions accepted upstream by Sun, even from corporate partners. It tracked the main line of development and was not intended to constitute a fork. It was also the standard build mechanism for in most Linux distributions and was contributed to by said distributions.

    In 2007, ooo-build was made available by Novell as a software package called Go-oo ... which included many features not included in upstream Go-oo also encouraged outside contributions, with rules similar to those later adopted for LibreOffice.

    Sun's contributions to had been declining for some time, they remained reluctant to accept contributions and contributors were upset at Sun releasing code to IBM for IBM Lotus Symphony under a proprietary contract, rather than under an open source licence.

    Sun was purchased by Oracle Corporation in early 2010. community members were concerned by Oracle's behaviour towards open source software, the Java lawsuit against Google and Oracle's withdrawal of developers and lack of activity on or visible commitment to, as had been noted by industry observers – as Meeks put it in early September 2010, "The news from the Oracle OpenOffice conference was that there was no news." Discussion of a fork started soon after.
    Now the AdoptOpenJDK initiative is managing a fork of OpenJDK which has been gaining a lot of traction in a short period of time.
    It's not a fork.

    AdoptOpenJDK provides prebuilt OpenJDK binaries from a fully open source set of build scripts and infrastructure.
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