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OpenIndiana Hipster 2018.04, Drops GNOME 2 For MATE + Adds KPTI For Meltdown

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    Originally posted by eddybb View Post
    oh yea.. don't waste your time and d/l that OS if you have Intel GFX > Generation 8 (eg starting from Broadwell) still no suport
    The Intel driver has been a moving target for some time, some hardware bugs hit the illumos version, and it takes a lot of resources to port the changes from a codebase that has diverged considerably.
    I did waste a lot of time on porting to recent versions but it is not trivial, and just ENOTIME...


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      Originally posted by timofonic View Post

      Despite you might be right or not (I reserve my personal opinion, but I use Linux-based systems most of the time), your comment is totally out of the blue.

      OpenIndiana project is making nice things and they are a very friendly project. I consider they deserve more support and constructive efforts than just bashing them.

      Let me remind you something: They aren't part of Oracle, consider them the equivalent of LibreOffice in the Solaris world. That's good enough to me to support them.

      Anyway, I consider the project is severely poisoned by the CDDL trap. I hope licenses like this would get legally invalidated someday, as they are used for evil anti-competitive tactics against other popular licenses such as GPL ones.
      I know OpenIndiana is something totally different. That's why I was talking about Oracle Solaris.


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        Originally posted by Pawlerson View Post
        Nobody sane would ever invest in this shit.
        Samsung did but I have to agree that "sane" may be not the best word to describe Samsung. They bought Joyent which develops SmartOS - illumos downstream project which is OpenSolaris fork.