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802.11a WiFi USB in Linux?

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  • 802.11a WiFi USB in Linux?


    I've been trying to find an USB wifi adapter with 802.11a that works in Linux. I just bought a Zyxel AG-220 that is supported by zd1211rw, unfortunately I found out too late that zd1211rw doesn't have 802.11a support. I also tried the deprecated vendor based zd1211 driver, which wouldn't compile on 2.6.24.
    So.. I'm hoping that either someone can help me with getting this adapter to run with 802.11a, or tell me which usb adapters work with 802.11a in Linux.

    I just built a Mikrotik router running RouterOS with two Atheros based radios, one set to 802.11g and one to 802.11a. Performance on 2,4GHz is horrible (city, lots of noise), but, of course, "nobody" uses 5GHz equipment, so performance with 802.11a is excellent, so I would really like to be able to take advantage of this :-)

    Linux Mint 5 (Ubuntu 8.04 x86).