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GNOME Joins The Librem 5 Party, Still Needs To Raise One Million More Dollars

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    Originally posted by gbcox View Post
    As far as the default, my guess would be that would be Plasma since at this point GNOME has nothing - and they basically admitted as much. Plasma mobile has a head start.
    Yes, Plasma is currently a better bet for mobile : they have done a lot of work towards that goal, have an architecture that's actually geared towards supporting multiple form factors and paradigms, and have worked on actual devices. Meanwhile, Gnome has focused on refining their opinionated desktop usecase, at the expense of other form factors (and users with different opinions). The Gnome technologies that got adapted to mobile have mainly Unity-based Ubuntu touch to thank for that.

    Cross-device UI convergence is no easy task, which nobody (FOSS or proprietary) really achieved yet. But AFAICS Plasma is currently the most promising framework to get there.


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      That's it, I'm backing them.

      I used to dislike Purism from their overpriced laptops which didn't deliver libreboot which they promised, but once they actually added coreboot support and started delivering their laptops in time I started respecting their work.

      When they announced Librem 5 I thought "Great that someone wants to take this further, but they are almost certainly not going to get enough funding", but now when both KDE and Gnome are telling us that they support them and will help making their desktops more mobile-friendly if they succeed I can't just stand beside and watch. And if they don't get enough funding I get my money back anyway, so why the hell not.


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        Originally posted by ypnos View Post
        KDE Connect is really marvellous, and you don't need to use Neon or even KDE for it to work. Me personally I run LXQt on Arch Linux and just used kdeconnect-cli for pairing.
        Yeah, same here. I use Raspbian Stretch on my Raspberry Pi 3 and all I had to do was to apt install kde-connect. Everything works great even on the Pixel DE.


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          Originally posted by uid313 View Post
          GNOME needs other things.
          gnome-shell crashes frequently.
          gnome-shell performance is bad.
          The gnome-shell architecture seems to be bad and not scale well.

          Nautilus has some insane defaults such as humongous icons.

          Other than that, many things in GNOME are pretty great, and some things are on the way to be even more great. Such as the coming cloud provider API in Nautilus.
          I've never had gnome-shell crash on me, nor is it performance "bad" on my Broadwell Intel NUC.

          I'm not saying Gnome is for everyone and I think KDE is a OK DE too, even if I prefer Gnome, however Gnome is very stable for me.

          I'm glad both are supported.


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            Librem 5 Crosses *$800.000* In Funding