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A GNU/Linux Smartphone Running GNOME & HTML5 Web Apps? Priced At $599, Ships In 2019 If The Stars Align

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    Originally posted by nomadewolf View Post
    Read my post again.
    ​​​​​​​I never said Android isn't open source.
    I'm talking about it's drivers. Those are closed source.
    read again my post. i said what you should do when you want to write open drivers


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      At $599 it's still something that US software devs and US IT admins and a few "fair trade" hipsters will buy, half the price would be a better amount to risk on an uncertain phone. Although I'm open to wishing for the best : if it succeeds at $599 thanks to demand for a secure or non-monopoly phone it'll show there's a market for a higher volume.

      Firefox OS was the most successful attempt so far, trying to go for high volume and the very low end from the start. They wasted some energy and had bad press when going really too low end while missing the mark for a low end 5" phone.
      You might say Firefox OS wasn't real linux, fair game, it wasn't, it did a fair job of piggy-backing on Android's low level and running something completely different, needed to evolve to support ad blocking though, crap blocking, script blocking, firewalling applications / denying them stuff and lying to them. Would likely work well with current/near future Mozilla tech.


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

        What is absurd is that gnome believers believe that gnome technology is the best. Gnome desktop is newer ready and there are very few wayland apps. Using xwayland is not purism. Purists should use X only.
        What? How do you function? I can't even...