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System76's new Bonobo Professional laptop

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  • System76's new Bonobo Professional laptop

    Just for this email from system76:
    System76 Introduces Professional Ubuntu Laptops

    The New Bonobo Professional

    The worlds fastest mobile CPU's meet the worlds fastest GPU's. The new System76 Bonobo Professional features 1 GB dedicated nVidia graphics, Intel high performance processors, and high resolution 17" widescreen LCD's. Perfect for gaming, graphics, and power intensive applications; the Bonobo Professional packs extreme desktop power in a on-the-go laptop. Check out the Bonobo at

    The New Serval Professional

    The sleek, black brushed metal Serval Professional features Intel Core 2 Duo CPU's, 512 MB dedicated nVidia graphics, 1066 MHz DDR3 memory, and optional high performance Intel Solid State storage. The Serval Pro's high-resolution 15.4" Matte or Glossy finish LCD brings your work and play to life with brilliant color and clarity. Check out the Serval at

    Contact Us

    Chat with System76 on Ubuntu Forums

    or by email... [email protected]

    or by phone... 888.468.6482

    About System76

    System76 provides and supports Ubuntu pre-installed laptops, desktops, and servers with a commitment to the ideals of open source software. Our aim is to enable consumers, businesses, schools, and governments to easily transition to the world of open source software through world class hardware, software, and support.

    I currently own a previous version of Serval (2.2ghz dualcore, 8600gt 512ram, 3gb ram, 250gb, 1440x900 rez). But damn, do I want that Bonobo next as my laptop.

    Good to see more high-performance laptops pre-isntalled with linux (ubuntu rather, but that's a linux distro, we all know) exclusively too