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While Google's Ara Modular Phone Is Dead, Greybus Still Appears To Have A Future

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    Originally posted by DrYak View Post

    Officially: no.
    pre-"usb-3.1 type C" hubs, either charge the device (and the device can be accessed as a guest on some hubes), or act as a hub for the device-in host mode.

    some hubs have a third non-official setting where the hub both act as a hub for the device and put it in host mode *AND* can still charge the device while in host mode.
    (but that requires a phone which can charge and act as a host at the same time - according my hub's docs, some Samsung phone can pull this trick)
    Ok that's great news. I've had my share of problems with USB and hubs. Once I fried my hub when I plugged the same powered hub on the RPi USB host port (to the USB host connector in the hub) and a USB client cable to the carger port of RPi. I tried this because using two power sources, one for Rpi and one for powered hub fried my RPi model B.


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      Maybe you should put a few more diodes to protect your cobbled together USB squid from frying itself :-D
      I'm just saying... ;-)