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ASUS Eee PC 901 / Intel Atom: Linux Distribution Comparison

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    yeah, I just didn't like linpus. I'm going to give ibex alpha a go, possibly.

    What I'd really like is some customized
    desktop along the lines of lxde crossed with ubuntu MID,
    Uses SMPlayer to play video and audio by default, or smplayer and a light library-based music player, geany as the text editor, open office, gaim, gThumb for image viewing and quick edits, web browser and email client (open to anything for this.), and that's about it by default. Guess throw in something for the webcam and audio recording.

    Currently linpus pisses me off and is too annoying to use seriously, and ubuntu/onelinux based on hardy is a little to heavy and little glitchy.


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      I'm giving Arch a trial-by-fire on my Thinkpad right now, trying to take the same steps I'd have to with the Aspire (upgrading the kernel without a network connection, etc.). Not too bad, and pretty satisfied with it so far. But I haven't got power management working quite yet. That's going to be a stumbling block.

      Other than that, KDEmod4 is sucking a bit more memory than I expected. Guess that means I'm throwing a swap partition on my SD card until I feel like voiding my warranty with more RAM.