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Finally Switching To An Android S7 Edge From An iPhone

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    Originally posted by speculatrix View Post
    For maximum geek points, you need to root your phone, without tripping the Samsung Knox indicators, or getting the warning triangle on boot. When rooted, you can then chroot into a proper linux environment. It's pretty cool to have sshd running on your phone and rsync files on and off it.
    I use sshelper for that. Since Samsung decided that IPv6 should not be broken anymore it works pretty well. Backing up phones with a dirvish like construction.


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      Originally posted by grigi View Post
      Micheal, have you had a look at getting PTS running on Android devices? I'm not sure if it can be done without rooting the device?
      I've ported pts-core to running on Android a few years ago, albeit no test profile support... No plans to continue without any commercial support, etc, as have plenty of other stuff to work on.
      Michael Larabel


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        Originally posted by Mez' View Post
        I've been given an iPhone as a company phone
        I once won an Ipod Touch! What a waste… You're supposed to use iTunes to transfer music, and that actually ran in wine, but not with USB support! At the time, somebody was reverse engineering Apple's USB protocol, so I could at least use it as a storage device. But, as only Apple would do: the music database was encrypted, and whenever it didn't match the filesystem, it went into some unusable safemode, so it had to be reset in order to get into iOS again. I gave it away after a year or so. I think it was around 2010.
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          Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
          With the price of a samsung phone, you buy many good Chinese phones, couple of examples:

          I have been using Chinese Android smart phones 3 years now and Mediatek SOC phones are not running hot as snapdragons. It is great that China offers phones like this:

          Yes, the phones are a good value. If by value you only care about specs. If you care about build quality, they are garbage. The warantees if any are terrible. No support. And updates? Not even the "brand name" Chinese phones are good about supporting them after the next new model comes out.

          A family member had a ZTE and I wouldn't recommend to it any one who wasn't broke.


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            "I stuck with AT&T though as my carrier, so unfortunately no Google Nexus device through them."

            Yet another lemming who doesn't realize that there is NO CONNECTION between the carrier and the hardware....
            You buy your phone from HERE:


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              Originally posted by wdb974 View Post

              It's not like Nexus phones didn't have issues though. I only have one bug plaguing my phone since Android 5.x, and it's the infamous proximity sensor bug. Back when Lollipop was released, it would only happen from time to time, but with Marshmallow... It's always the case.

              I resorted to using the power button as an "end call" button.
              I remember seeing module for disabling that particular sensor in Xposed app.. Root access and custom boot loader (TWRP in my case) are mandatory for using Xposed

              EDIT: It's there.

              Sorry for uploading into server overseas (from point of view of someone in U.S), imgur and other just did not seem to allow posting linked thumbnail pictures.


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                Plastic samsung, iphone and msphone phones are garbage. I did buy my Chinese phone with 350$. Now I am waiting for this full metal 10 core phone:


                This phone has flexible screen but it is very durable:



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                  More power to you. I would not put much trust into Chinese phones..