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Finally Switching To An Android S7 Edge From An iPhone

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    you should buy a ubuntu phone and support open source but ok


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      I've been given an iPhone as a company phone, and I personally own an HTC Android phone and the M10 FHD with Ubuntu.

      You've done a great job getting rid of your iPhone, Michael. At some point last year, I broke my previous HTC phone, and told myself I would use the company phone as my only phone then and save some money. Using the iPhone full time I realized how bad an OS iOs was. It just doesn't do anything the way you would expect it to do. It's just so frustrating and limited, it got me crazy. After only a week (!!!) I couldn't take it anymore and I bought a new HTC with Android. If it wasn't a company phone, I would have shattered it from a 25-story building or with a hammer. It's just that frustrating.

      The writing part is just hell. The hold & touch to get the magnifier to remove a typo or one these idiotic autocorrections you never asked for is the less ergonomic design ever thought. No wonder you can find all these iOS nonsensical text conversations on the Internet due to the ugly auto correction... Too much of a hassle to modify some text already entered. And I won't even begin with customization (the lack thereof), the ugly (childish) icons that you have no choice but to have on your home screen (instead of, e.g., a classy meteo widget). I could go on and on for hours (the way it randomly doesn't get back to previous screen but to home screen in the email app, app settings not... in apps, the non smart phone app, Safari who asks you to effing introduce the "www."...)

      It is by far the worst OS of them all, knowing that Ubuntu Touch is pretty much in alpha state (OTA12 included).

      Android has many flaws, don't take me wrong, but at least it does feel intuitive and you can find what you want because it feels like it's always where it's supposed to be.


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        Originally posted by vadix View Post
        Did you consider getting a Oneplus 3?
        I got mine 1-2 weeks ago. It's awesome in case you're wondering.


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          Congrats, the S7 Edge is a great device :-) A bit envious right now, enjoy!


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            Yet Apple shits on the freedom of their users. But if you want to live in the golden cage, why not.

            Also it was Apple insecurity that enabled hundreds of private celebrity photos to leak on the web.


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              Originally posted by andre30correia View Post
              you should buy a ubuntu phone and support open source but ok
              Haven't liked any of the Ubuntu Phone hardware so far, not to mention the software is far from baked...
              Michael Larabel


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                Originally posted by edoantonioco View Post
                If I could afford an iPhone I would buy this one instead. But its too expensive, something like the nexus 5x has all what I would want and its cheap-enough
                Why would you want to buy this crap? I mean the iphone.


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                  Originally posted by Master5000 View Post
                  Just switched from Android Nexus 5 with 6.0.1 to an iPhone SE. Never been happier. Best smartphone ever. It shits on any Android phone. Never going back to that shitfest of bugs and lack of security. Google can't program. And I say that as an android developer. Knowing the insides of the OS makes me not want to touch it. I recommend everybody to get rid of android and switch to iPhone. And now that iPhone SE costs so little, there is no reason to use android, since that was actually the only reason to use android.
                  Android beats this crap in most possible ways. While android doesn't share the Linux way of doing things (even if it's using Linux kernel) it's still much better than iCrap and it's more secure. Even Windows is better than iCrap. Not only on phones, but also on PC's. The truth is apple can't program. OS X is years behind others and it's slow and insecure mess.


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                    Originally posted by meekteef View Post
                    Has Samsung improved...

                    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                    switched to using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
                    Great, now you can do mobile Vulkan testing


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                      OK, Michael, the next step is to install a terminal emulator, and busybox.

                      For ssh, I like JuiceSSH, but irssi connectbot is pretty good too.

                      For maximum geek points, you need to root your phone, without tripping the Samsung Knox indicators, or getting the warning triangle on boot. When rooted, you can then chroot into a proper linux environment. It's pretty cool to have sshd running on your phone and rsync files on and off it.

                      Put in a memory card which has been partitioned to set aside 3 or 4 GB, and you can install debian into that - using your regular linux desktop and debootstrap.