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Splashtop on USB stick

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  • Hi
    Im a newbee and I have WIn XP on my computer and now I want to:

    When I start the computer I want to have the possibility to choose to boot into:

    1. Splashtop just to boot fast and browse, check mail, write a small note and so on


    2. Boot into Win XP

    From Splashtop I also want to have the possibility to boot to Win XP. (If possible without restart computer)

    Can someone help me??
    I'm not experienced so can somone tell me in a simple way how to do it AND what programs I need to do it?



    • Originally posted by Kano View Post
      Well, the script creates 2 partitions, the first is labeld DVMUSB , FAT16, and marked active + installed bootloader. Most easy way is to use it and backup your data first...
      Yes indeeed.I got that partitions on mine 1gb usb stick , but once booted form there, the system give me ..There is any to boot..

      Any suggestions ?


      • Then there was no bootloader installed. That happens when the requirements for the scripts are not met.


        • Wireless Question


          I recently got your sqx for the iwl4965 wireless drivers. My system loads the drivers but will not list any wireless access points. I tried your suggestions previously posted here (ifconfig, iwlist s, etc.) but they did not help. Any thoughts?



          • I can not test that due to missing hardware. I do not own a laptop at all. Try ndiswrapper + windriver (needs mod of the sqx).


            • Hello,
              i want to install it on my first ssd patition 2 - /dev/sda2
              later i will ad the lines for it in my ubuntu grub on sda1
              ihave use the third script from the first post.
              But when i boot i get only a flasing screen like a disco.

              In Grub (menu.lst) i have ad this:

              title ExpressGate
              kernel /boot/ce_cz

              what can i do?

              i want use it direct from my first ssd in my eeepc 901.

              THX fitte

              sorry my english


              • I guess the screen res is just too low - the default menu is for 1024x768. Maybe try with external monitor connected.


                • Hi Kano,
                  why don?t you release an ISO version,
                  which one can use via UnetBootin
                  to put easily on a USB stick drive ?

                  Where can I download such an completed ISO file
                  for USB sticks ?
                  Many thanks.
                  Regards, Stefan.


                  • Maybe i am a perfectionist, but everybody who likes to test gets a new iso.


                    • Originally posted by Kano View Post
                      Maybe i am a perfectionist, but everybody who likes to test gets a new iso.

                      Yes, I would like to test it.
                      Please let me know, where I can download
                      a ready to use ISO file that installs to a USB stick via
                      UnetBootin 3.23

                      Many thanks in advance.

                      Regards, Stefan.