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Hacking Express gate (Asus Splashtop)

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  • Hi

    I dont know anything about linux or programming so please try to explain to me in as novice way as you can do so.

    I'm trying to install chromium os as a fast boot OS on my laptop. Instead of selecting OS on the boot screen I would like to set it up so that the expressgate button boots chromium. The button seems to be configred in BIOS to lauch OS from ASUS.SYS, so the only way to do it would be to hack ASUS.SYS to lauch chromium os instead of the Expressgate OS.

    The latter versions are very easy to do this, all you do is change the boot directory of the OS to point to chromium. Unfortunately the ASUS.SYS (early version) seems to have everything compressed in .sqx files which are very hard to edit in Windows.

    Does anyone know if there is a file in ASUS.SYS somewhere which I can edit and get the OS to stop attemppting to boot ExpressGate is boot Chromium OS istead?

    I have got Chromium USB OS working and have installed it into an unmounted partition on my drive using this guide:

    But I'm stuck on the Expressgate hack, the ASUS.SYS is all difficult to ascertain what does what.


    • Originally posted by trya View Post
      If your PC has a Splashtop button, you can use my program to bootstrap to another OS when pushing the Splashtop button.

      Besides, there's a new version of stboot and the project has a homepage now :
      This answers my earlier question above.

      Thanks a lot, now I jhave to fix chrome OS - it says file not found. grrr.