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The Lenovo T450s Is Working Beautifully With Linux

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    I have now a wonderful T450s with a Fedora Workstation 22.
    Do you find a useful configuration to use the rear battery first and only after the internal one?
    Can be useful the tlp utility or the tp_smapi ?


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      I have installed Linux mint 17.1 and then 17.2, all working fine even the touchpad but I need to enable the "disable when typing" otherwise it is horrible.

      I found out that Nvidia is a pain to make it work and Intel driver, dont really work, so I kept the one from the distro.

      Overall is a good laptop, it last forever if they could fix the switch between graphic card, touchpad and get 3D under chrome... well I would love it even more!


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        Under Ubuntu 16.04, I have several high/critical problems (see Have you had problems with shutdown, undocking, RAM use ballooning for no reason, the fingerprint scanner? Have you found a fix for the palm detection problem? It's been over a year since your original post, yet I am experiencing basic challenges on this hardware under a major OS.


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          I'm just about to purchase a secondhand T450 to run Linux (Kubuntu 18.04). I just don't see the point is spending thousands on a new laptop when a secondhand T450 will (most likely) do everything I need it to do.