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Free Software Foundation Endorses Another (Outdated) Laptop

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  • Free Software Foundation Endorses Another (Outdated) Laptop

    Phoronix: Free Software Foundation Endorses Another (Outdated) Laptop

    Back in 2013 the Free Software Foundation endorsed its first laptop as respecting the user's freedoms. Being announced today is another laptop now being endorsed by the FSF...

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    60gb hd


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      I wonder if they'll endorse those new high end open source laptops that we heard about a while back. The project got funded so they'll be starting production runs soonish


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        Originally posted by SpaceJunk View Post
        60gb hd
        6 GB RAM, the 0 is a typo

        Or it's a 60 GB SSD?


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          Originally posted by profoundWHALE View Post
          6 GB RAM, the 0 is a typo. Or it's a 60 GB SSD?
          The X60-based model was available with either a 60GB HD, a 320GB HD, or a 60GB SSD:
          I don't see any 6GB of RAM options, so I assume Michael meant SSD or HD and the '0' was not a typo.


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            Gluglug? Stupid name.

            How about F**klug? Glugf***? LOL!

            FSF is stupid for coming up with those stupid names...

            And Ubuntu is fine for me, thank you very much. Or Ubuntu GNOME, or Arch, or elementary OS, or whatever that I could install. I don't need an FSF-approved Linux distribution!


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              Originally posted by GraysonPeddie View Post
              FSF is stupid for coming up with those stupid names
              FSF didn't name the product. Furthermore, I don't see any logos/stickers on the product with that name, so once you buy it, you can call it whatever the hell you want.

              And Ubuntu is fine for me
              You're free to install it. Shipping Trisquel satisfies users who do care about FSF approval, is legally safe, and does not limit anyone from installing another distro.

              Do you have any complaints with merit?


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                Apple may be surrounded by a reality distortion field, but the one around the FSF pegs the meter.


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                  Core 2 duo? Maybe it should be called the nostalgiabook.. o_O
                  It probably runs fine though, especially if you get it with the 60gb hdd and change it to a decent ssd yourself.


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                    Actual specs

                    To set the record straight, according to the seller's website, the laptop is offered with any combination of the following hardware:

                    160 GB HDD
                    1 TB HDD
                    120 GB SSD

                    2 GB RAM
                    4 GB RAM
                    8 GB RAM

                    A 60 GB HDD is not one of the options.