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Android KitKat x86 Updated With Linux 3.18, Better Suspend/Resume

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  • Android KitKat x86 Updated With Linux 3.18, Better Suspend/Resume

    Phoronix: Android KitKat x86 Updated With Linux 3.18, Better Suspend/Resume

    Android 4.4 "KitKat" has been ported to Intel/AMD x86 processors for a while in stable form while kicking off the New Year is the second stable release of Android-x86 4.4..

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    WWHHHOOO Thats the First Android x86 Version that boots on my old Single Core Turion with 512MB Ram without a kernel panic. Ok the Boot Time is pita but its ok for a live system.


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      Do any virtualization products have hardware accelerated 2D/3D "guest additions" support for Android x86? It's difficult to fathom why you would want to use this as a sole OS on PC when all the apps are designed for touch screen phones or tablets and even more only support ARM-based processors--I suppose if you have a touch screen laptop or All-In-One then it might work but still probably less than ideal.

      I've personally been using the ARChon runtime to help enable some Android apps to run on Arch GNU/Linux, however reliable support for apps is very spotty as the project is still in it's infancy and was originally designed for Chrome OS. However when it works, the ARChon wrapper script for Arch Linux enables you to simply double click on Android APK files (or issue a terminal command) and launch them as if they were native apps--very much like Wine.

      Genymotion is another one I've used, which is actually is pretty much like using Android x86 in Virtualbox but manages to offer accelerated OpenGL 2D/3D graphics using a host-only network adapter and they also offer a build for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Basically any x86 Android app will run on it and some ARM apps will as well with the ARM Translation Layer v1.1 package; many ARM apps will fail to launch, though, and Bluestacks has better support for ARM Android apps on x86 PCs but there isn't a Linux port of Bluestacks.
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