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Suggestions for wlan pci/pci-e card for linux

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  • Suggestions for wlan pci/pci-e card for linux

    uhm, i need a wlan card for a desktop comp so NOT LAPTOP for linux, what do you guys reccon, and does there exist any pci-e 2/4x wlan cards ?.

    Want them working in linux really good without like having to use a day just to get wlan working.

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    Well if you know how to configure a little bit networking a Dlink Dwl-810 is very sweet.

    You just set it up as Dhcp , and wont have to worry about wireless driver problems in linux at all.

    That cause it is an ethernet to wifi brigde.

    -No driver cluss
    -Speed is good
    -One time configuring, which means that you can reinstall and connect any os to it as long as your ethernet driver is loaded correctly
    -The normal Ethernet drivers are often very mature and stable, while i often have had many stability problems with wireless cards driver.


    -Can be a bit hard to set up
    -takes extra space?(well its very small, but still takes some space) and require external power.

    Im very satisfied with mine, but had to work with it a little to get it working.
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