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It's Now Made Easier Porting Jolla's Sailfish OS To New Android Phones

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    Google Android pretty much defined/is defining Driver Model for every hw category.

    What hw controls should be exposed?
    What is OS expectation?
    How both interact?

    Embeded seam to be higly secret about their stuff, and they get away with "single driver release per SoC"...

    That create highly anticompetetive market for anyone who would like to go for their own Driver Models.
    (Lima and Freedreno are good examples of how Android influence GPU drivers for mobile. Even when You Do-Not-Care TM)


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      Originally posted by panda84 View Post
      Hey guys, while Jolla phone uses some Android drivers, the do use a lot of Linux components (unlike FirefoxOS, which uses much more things from Android, like the init system and some services for example).

      Sailfish OS uses systemd, Wayland, glibc... Sailfish started using Wayland before Tizen!

      As for Tizen itself, it's not more "desktop Linux" than Sailfish, unless you consider HTML5 "desktop Linux".
      Sailfish also uses BTRFS and RPM packages.


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        Sailfish is much more proprietary than Android, why would you do that?
        For example, there is no source released, only parts and SDK.
        I think it is obvious that keeping parts such as the UI closed is in direct contradiction with this goal. Thus I am surprised to see that so many are okay with this state of affairs in particular given that Jolla is advertising Sailfish OS as a ?truly open? operating system. I can only wonder what your point of reference is? To me it seems that my Nexus 4 with Cyanogenmod + F-Droid is the truly open system and Sailfish OS is just a mishmash of proprietary and open-source pieces with no coherent policy behind


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          Here's a graphic showing open/closed elements in the jolla stack


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            Originally posted by Thermionix View Post
            Here's a graphic showing open/closed elements in the jolla stack
            When you said picture, I was thinking 'pffft, that's for manager-type's' on my tall horsey. I clicked anyway and yeah. Cool thanks =D


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              A lot of movement is occuring in the community porting Sailfish OS to various Android devices.

              Take a look at this table of devices showing what works and does not work for each device.

              Here is the list of porters and their devices

              You can read the #sailfishos-porters log for today

              You can join in with your device (i'm hoping someone with a HTC One M7 will join in)
     channel #sailfishos-porters

              Even though Jolla staff are on a much deserved vacation right now a few of them pop into the channel once in a while. The other day I saw an Nvidia employee join the channel to ask a few questions.

              Successful community ports and their threads on XDA forums with image released:

              Galaxy Nexus
              Nexus 5

              Some more helpful links:

              Nexus 4 port done by Jolla
              Sailfish general forums at XDA
              Jolla tides
              Jolla users

              Don't be surprised if this jollafrankinandroid that some of you are calling it here makes you say "OMG it's beautiful" when you successfuly port it to your phone!
              If you kiss the droid it becomes a beautiful fish.