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Nokia Announces Its Three Nokia X Android Devices

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  • Nokia Announces Its Three Nokia X Android Devices

    Phoronix: Nokia Announces Its Three Nokia X Android Devices

    It shouldn't come as much of a surprise given the plentiful leaks in the mobile space, but Nokia today announced three mobile devices running Google's Android operating system rather than Windows Phone or MeeGo/Harmattan or Asha...

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    Nokia is like 4 years late to the Android bandwagon, which in the smartphone market is like being 40 years late in the car market.


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      Haaa, "X", it's like they're doing it on purpose. Though this is more like Nokia Plan G than Nokia Plan X! Though they should have gone with Nokia Plan T.

      For those wondering, I'm referring to a joke from the time when Nokia announced their alliance with Microsoft and a hoax "Nokia Plan B", that in turn inspired a lot of other "Nokia Plan" ideas:
      Nokia Plan S

      Too bad that all of them are down save for Nokia Plan C and Nokia Plan L (some others can be accessed through the Web Archive above). Nokia Plan X was to use a plan generator (use the right arrow to see some of the generated plans).
      Of note are Nokia Plan A (ally with Microsoft), Nokia Plan E (sell an aeroplane), Nokia Plan ES (sell a lot of aeroplanes), Nokia Plan ET (sell planets), Nokia Plan F (just fail), my mentioned Nokia Plan G (ship Android phones), Nokia Plan H (ship Nokia 3310 Touch), Nokia Plan I (an actual plan proposal), Nokia Plan J (join with Microsoft again), Nokia Plan K (sell planks), Nokia Plan M (sell phones with mind blowing specs), Nokia Plan Q (OpenMokia), Nokia Plan R (Arrrr!), Nokia Plan V (vote for a plan), Nokia Plan T (sell plants), Nokia Plan W (ship WebOS phones), Nokia Plan XP (ship phones with Windows XP), and Nokia Plan 9 (sell phones to aliens; although I'd prefer the plan to be to ship phones with Plan 9 from Bell Labs).

      With this Nokia X, I'm surprised nobody had revived the meme


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        Don't Micersoft make more money from Android than from Windows Phone?


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          I was expecting something great. It looks like Nokia went cheap here totally not what anyone expected. It is a rea shame because Nokia makes some really nice devices and these could have been one of them.


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            This is Elop's final middle finger in exchange for not being made CEO of MS.