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Free Software Foundation Endorses Its First Laptop

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    I wonder, is there a small-form laptop that is tougher than the X-series? They're not built like the IBM days, but when I was still sing them in 2009 they were pretty damn good, powerful units and mostly supported Ubuntu 8/9 if I recall, out of the box. I dont recall there being many hitches to them. Like I said, it took over 90 kilos to break mine. Numerous drops didn't do it! Well, mostly =P


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      I think a (mostly functional) blob-free Computer is almost impossible to achieve using recent AMD or Intel hardware.

      Intel systems for instance require one or more signed blobs be loaded into the chipset during boot:

      Then the laptop will supposedly have 802.11n Wi-Fi, which means either Qualcomm/Atheros AR9271 or proprietary firmware. Good luck negotiating pricing with a manufacturer who knows that you have no alternative.

      I hope that this project succeeds though, it would be very nice to get a more modern free laptop than the Lemote Yeelong 8089/8101 and the Lenovo x60.