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Fedora 8 Wireless setup on E1505

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  • Fedora 8 Wireless setup on E1505


    I have installed fedora 8 on my dell inspiron 6400, with 1390 dell wireless card, but I can't have the wireless turned on or use it anyway

    I have installed ndiswrapper, and no errors were found during installation, but still I can't use wifi

    Wifi does not turn on when I press Fn+F2,
    bluetooth is known and working, but I can't control it via Fn+F2

    Any help is appreciated

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    I found this strange, while my bluetooth was turned on, and my wifi; i had wifi network adaptor known, after that I went to vista and turned off bluetooth, back in fedora, wifi was known and working!

    I think it may be because of both bluetooth and wifi are on one usb slot in motherboard, so only one of them can work in fedora!

    Please correct me