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Google "Slippy" Chromebook Supported By Coreboot

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    Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
    The point is not having to go through all this trouble to boot the damn thing. A simple solution would be to give you a firmware choice/switch.Boot in what google wants or boot ie. GRUB2. Point where the kernel is and not have to touch the thing in a lifetime.
    Making it hard to modify the Chromebook's operating system without generating a big fat warning at every boot is part of the Chromebook's security concept. The way it is done in the Chromebook Pixel raises the bar for a successful attack against this to actually opening the device.
    Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
    I would also be OK with proper UEFI.
    Ugh. Have you seen a "proper UEFI" implementation anywhere? Coreboot is a good choice, maybe not as good as Open Firmware in the OLPC, but still.