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Ubuntu Edge: The First Ubuntu Smartphone Next Week?

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  • Ubuntu Edge: The First Ubuntu Smartphone Next Week?

    Phoronix: Ubuntu Edge: The First Ubuntu Smartphone Next Week?

    On the Ubuntu web-site has been a teaser about "the line where two surfaces meet" and a 4-day countdown (ending 22 July). There's been wild speculation about this countdown and now it appears it will be an announcement of Ubuntu Edge, the first Ubuntu-powered smartphone...

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    Name suggest hw dedicated for developers.

    Like first two phones for firefox OS...


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      how do you lock it?


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        Adware smarthone edition

        ohh... i guess it will include the adware from amazon... No thanks.


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          Originally posted by przemoli View Post
          Name suggest hw dedicated for developers.
          I thought this brand is jibe about Microsoft Surface.


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            Originally posted by LinuxGamer View Post
            how do you lock it?
            There is a lock screen.

            The article is very wrong to be honest here for a minute and I actually created an account to say how wrong.

            will likely be a low-end offering
            In an interview with Mark that was posted 2 or 3 days ago. They are making 2 devices 1 mid ranged and 2 a high end device.

            most of which are non-US based telcos so it will be interesting to see if for their premiere phone they are even launching in the US
            Verizon is there and they have probably one of the biggest range of different handsets around so im pretty sure they will stock it since they were interested enough to join the CAG. So that entire statement just is wrong


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              Originally posted by LinuxGamer View Post
              how do you lock it?
              Maybe if you try disabling the Amazon lens.

              To a stupid question, a stupid answer.


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                Going by my Nexus 7 Ubuntu build the OS is no where near polished for a release, unless it's an early development phone.

                * no networking option in file explorer
                * file explorer doesn’t carry over files to their appropriate executable for processing, example opening a picture wont open picture viewer or gallery
                * app icons and layouts don't comply with a 'style' making things look uncouth
                * interface for apps doesn't have sub folders. Example you can't group games in a single icon
                * apps don't respect or read system defaults/settings, and do their own values for example location
                * memory management still lacking
                * no pdf/eBook reader
                * missing settings options to general control of device
                * many apps don't have settings and context menu options working
                * I'd like better termination of apps. Bring back the 'X' in the pull up menu.

                Mark Shuttleworth has been in China so he may have hobbed with a china brand phone maker to bring a cheap release to market. Some of the phones there are very feature rich and quality made. I just hope he doesn’t skimp. Target the best latest features, not an old phone with big profit margin as it will hurt the mission to excel to project.
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                  The phone in the mockups looked way better:

                  Not as bulky, blocky and with thiner bezel.


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                    Jolla has actual manufactured devices (not only those Nokia N950s), and working prototypes on Sailfish/Wayland. Are you telling me that I ditch my Jolla preorder code to buy an Ubuntu Edge with Mir, when the only thing that exists of that phone is a RENDER, and when the only thing we have about Mir is division and flamefests?

                    Are you f*ing kidding me?