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Allwinner SoC Still Unlikely For Upstream Linux Kernel

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    Originally posted by myxal View Post
    Not recently, no. I don't think it was available as a ready-to-try SD card image at the time (is it offfered now, at least?) and my attempts to build the image myself ended in failure. I did try the Linaro build, it did run, but without XBMC, it was not of much use.
    I compiled XBMC in debian chroot by just typing the build commands from the wiki. This does not seem to be too difficult, except that native compilation is a bit slow on this hardware. I think I have seen links to bootable SD card images with XBMC in the mailing list or somewhere else.

    • As mentioned above, the poorly performing Ethernet is show-stopper for me. I have my media on a home server (currently served through NFS, so hooking up android would be a pain). Without the ability to set the buffer size (which is often small or zero in many players), I need to move at least 40 Mbps reliably.
    The problem is that the ethernet is sometimes sporadically gets initialized to "10Mbps, half-duplex" mode after reboot. I'm using the udelay workaround from the first post in the following thread:
    Seems to work fine for me, and I'm a heavy ethernet user myself (nfs root). The general consensus is that this is a hack and not a real fix, some people are using other tweaks with or without success. Somebody just needs to get really annoyed by this issue and properly debug it.

    • Video output problems - many, many issues:
    • On Linaro, there seemed to be no way to configure the video output at runtime, to say nothing of output hotplug support. Has this changed?
    • In Android, while the modesetting did work, the UI and most of the video players was always rendered to 16:9/16:10 ratio, resulting in distorted picture on my old SXGA monitor. I found only 1 player that didn't distort the video, and that player had poor subtitle support.
    • In HDMI, I had the "black is purple" problem. I think this is caused by A2000 outputting YCbCr while the DVI-only monitor expects RGB (it certainly wasn't the cable - that works fine for RPi)
    You could always try the latest kernel and check whether the issue is still there. If it still does not work the way you expect it to work, then please report the issue with enough details to reproduce it. I'm just not using the monitor hotplug feature (my monitor is always plugged) and have no idea at the moment. Maybe some other people can help.

    Also, what links? These are my experiences, and would love to report them to relevant people/project, but I don't know where I should complain - do you know where I should report these issues?