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Qt For Tizen Launches, Based On Qt 5.1

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    Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
    It was supposed to be EFL based now they make it Qt there was some drama with the code/development and so on.
    Get a clue first before making dumb statements. Tizen IVI (for use in cars, not smartphones) uses Qt since the beginning. Tizen IVI just uses Qt 4.8, not Qt 5.1.
    Tizen for smartphones is still based on EFL.

    Originally posted by Krysto View Post
    Stop trying to make Tizen happen. It's not going to happen.
    Tizen IVI already is the established industry standard.


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      Originally posted by brent View Post
      Is there even a sane person left that still believes in Tizen?
      Yes I do, untill they decided to plumb Qt in there... Hello, EFL?!

      But Tizen is a full... and then I mean a full Linux OS. That means: I don't give a fsck about the OS on the devices, but I am going to score this for Fedora as my next mobile phone and tablet!

      And of course to vote with my money.

      And on top I will install some Tizen compatibility layer for popular Tizen apps that are... you know... HTML5 and thus no fscking rootkitted Skype, kthnxbye. (Wikileaks spy-files)
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