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    Originally posted by blackout23 View Post
    Ubuntu Tablet OS on Microsoft Surface Pro would be pretty cool.
    Should not be that hard to port either. It uses fairly standard hardware x86 even.
    As you probably know Microsoft are a super restrictive company so if you purchased a Surface Pro or RT you maybe waiting a long time before someone cracks the boot/bias system.

    Like Krysto said there are other options much cheaper. The Surface Pro and RT are way too expensive. The only redeeming feature is the stylus on the Pro model.


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      Apparently it is HTC tablets?
      Look at HTC site if you haven't(there's a similar timer there too).


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        Already backing up my Nexus 7...


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          Originally posted by coder543 View Post
          Good job. I'm sure they'll give you all the money..

          Seriously though, tablet computers have been being pushed by Microsoft since the 90's. Even in '08 it wasn't a revolutionary idea. The thing that made the iPad revolutionary was the use of hardware which made it ultra thin and light, and had not been available in '08, and combined it with a great software experience. Ubuntu in '08 was nowhere near ready for tablets, nor was the hardware.
          I never said tablets were new in 2008. To my knowledge Apple Newton was one of the first tablets, however due to technology not being up to par it wasn't commercially viable. But, the first generation of iPads was released in 2010, which, had Canonical started thinking of creating a new market segment then or earlier, would've given them plenty of time to create a platform, a device, and a customer base. Contrary to what you might've thought, my comment wasn't an attempt to show off how smart I am, what I meant to say was that Canonical doesn't have ideas of their own instead following behind the trendsetters and jumping on all kinds of bandwagons in an effort to be everywere, while ending up nowhere. Canonical is trying to 'sell' Ubuntu to more people, but they don't have a clue as to how to increase their marketshare. Had they invested in a tablet, they'd have a good customer base and a recognizable brand by now. As it stands Ubuntu is 'that linux OS I keep hearing about'.