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Ubuntu Phone Preview Coming Next Week

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  • Ubuntu Phone Preview Coming Next Week

    Phoronix: Ubuntu Phone Preview Coming Next Week

    Canonical will be releasing a preview of their new Ubuntu Phone platform next week for the Google Galaxy Nexus...

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    "...Developer Preview" of Ubuntut running on..."

    Ubuntut, the distant cousin of tutankamon.


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      Well, you forgot to mentioned that the source code will be released at the same time and that an image will also be available for the Nexus 4.


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        Ubuntu just stick to Linux on the desktop and give it a proper GUI and apps. Why does everyone need to be on tablets / smartphones ? I mean seriously ... there's a huge market for desktops and people still need machines that can actually get some work done rather than stuff that's good for watching the latest youtube stuff.
        Microsoft went after the mobile touch UI thingy too and they neglected the desktop. Sure there's a large piece of the pie on mobile but .... it's kinda late, Android , BB 10 and iOs already doing well and there's littly chance of Ubuntu getting a big piece of the mobile market. Instead with MS going crazy it's an ideal time to be more aggressive than ever on the desktop.