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Snowshoe: New Cross-Platform Web-Browser On Qt5, WebKit2

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    Originally posted by Marc Driftmeyer View Post
    Actually, no one should. KHTML isn't influencing WebKit and hasn't for many years. Sorry, but that distant fork was soon replaced with WebKit. WebKit 2 is a whole new beast, years in the making.
    you meant to say, webkit was a fork of khtml that was started because APPLE - as always - couldn't work with others. But thanks to khtml's licence, they could not close webkit.


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      I can't open/download that link -----> on my N9 it doesn't open.
      I tried both using the barcode scanner and typing it into the stock browser.

      Oh, wait, I got it.
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        Well it runs, and can play Youtube videos with HTML 5 if QT5 has multimedia support correctly compiled in, and is also compatible with the Flash player plugin.

        only issue I noticed is that if there is no network connection, and you type in a URL, it infinitely pastes the URL into the address bar...


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          Originally posted by phoronix View Post
          Phoronix: Showshoe: New Cross-Platform Web-Browser On Qt5, WebKit2

          Snowshoe is a new open-source project that's a cross-platform web-browser built atop the Qt5 tool-kit and relies upon WebKit2 for its rendering engine. However, its multiple user-interfaces is what distinguishes Snowshoe from many of the other open-source web-browsers...

          Does anyone know why Chrome, current Opera, and firefox aren't using Qt?


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            Originally posted by liam View Post
            Does anyone know why Chrome, current Opera, and firefox aren't using Qt?
            Probably because switching to Qt would be a huge effort that buys them nothing. They already support all the major platforms that they're able to ship on and presumably have mature internal UI abstractions and build processes. Why risk breaking all that to switch to Qt when they don't primarily differentiate themselves on UI chrome?