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Nokia Reportedly Selling Off Qt

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  • Nokia Reportedly Selling Off Qt

    Phoronix: Nokia Reportedly Selling Off Qt

    While word crept out last night that Nokia would be closing down their Brisbane office where several of the Qt components are maintained and developed, it looks like the Qt infliction is going much further. Nokia's now reportedly trying to offload Qt entirely...

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    Damn I hope this ends up being a good thing. Intel would be the best possible buyer I can think of but then again I doubt they have so much intrest in Qt. Regardless of the outcome it shows that there's really nothing left of Nokia. They have shed all their Symbian, Linux and now Qt talent. I wonder how in the hell are they planning to compete with next genearion sub-100$ smarphones without a modern platform. I mean it's the last thing they have...


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      Did you mean. Microsoft Reportedly Selling Off Qt?


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        Blue Systems should buy it (if they have an extra bit of cash left).. ;-)


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          Intel, please

          Then I can stop being frustrated about the disastrous management of Mr. Flop ?hh Elop.


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            Looks like I was right on the last thread. I agree that intel would be the best buyer.


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              I'm not surprised at all, Qt is basically useless for no Kia.


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                Originally posted by jscurtu View Post
                Blue Systems should buy it (if they have an extra bit of cash left).. ;-)
                Nah, I don't believe Blue Systems could handle this. They're just starting up a distro where they respin Kubuntu, they do not have the expertise nor manpower to swallow a fish this big I think.

                If you read what the company's president Mr T?nnies says in a recent review/interview about his distro it - to me - makes the impression that they're just starting up the company.

                My guess is that they probably have zero revenue so far and in this phase they're just burning cash to get into the market and get talent on board. Their recent hiring of KDE people makes me suspect that they are still building up expertise on Qt. In some years time blue systems might become something big but for this moment my best guess is that it's not there yet.


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                  ICS should buy it

                  I would be surprised if they didn't.

                  Disclaimer: I used to work there


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                    What about ARM?

                    I guess they have the cash for buying it...