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Talk Of A "Massive Power Regression" In Linux 3.5

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    Originally posted by adriankx View Post
    wanna hear something funny? my cool thinkpad edge13 amd box has a 2% battery capacity so i cant really notice power regression, and i also think those cocksuckers from lenovo suck at making amd machines. My laptops has same bugs since day 1 (broken ACPI_PSS and needs DSTS override)and never been fixed even after posting and mailing their support site. I was told i run an unssuported operating system. How ever funny suspend and resume works better on linux with OSS drivers that on windows where my system randomly awakes without being touched. So yes all software closed source is crap, but my hopes where that OSS developers listen and we are all a big happy family communicating all toghether and so on. But it seems linux is developed by a few server minded-orientated companies (redhat novell and others) those guys dont take suggestions. Linux sells u this things where u can report bugs get involved bla bla but it rarely ever happens, all they need is a free beta testers userbase for they entreprise editions.
    It might have started using the right ideeas but in the end corporations use the comunity to make profit.

    What we nuub users want beutiful 2d accel tear free desktops great open and closed source graphic drivers will never happen unless all mighty corps i mentioned think they can get a profit from desktop market. In the end all mighty dollar rullz everything. We can just full ourselfs with freedom there is no such thing and it will never be.
    i agree with you in the fact that server vendors are much more willing to provide support and stick to standards and since novell/redhat are very very strong on this sector they provide much better experience but is not solely their fault cuz none of them have enough financial muscle to litigate the microsoft combo[mobo vendors/bios vendors/oems] but they do wanna attack the user market or at least bussiness pc market from a bussiness POV but is hard when every vendor is your enemy and every OEM is forced to sell microsoft license[you want them or not] so is kinda a circular problem but i guess eventually can be solved but not inmediately


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      Originally posted by madjr View Post
      sorry your zealot definition is wrong and no I didn't call the kernel devs zealots, but the douches around here.

      anyway I appreciate the other more technical part of your response.

      Sorry I was talking more about the "linux-desktop" as a whole, more than the linux kernel.

      Anyway thanks for the mature response, you're one of the few people who don't insult others around here.
      well douches are part of any forum but when you propose technical questions or express doubts you should be a little more open since your first post was a bit harsh and sometimes those douches are just savvy ppl that can help you and they suffer from this issues too and they wanna fix it but the got a rough day so sometimes a bit patience can convert a douche in a very helpful dude [sometimes not tho]

      the linux desktop problem will get fixed[i know that much] the problem is we are facing a war with one of the most dirt douches of the planet[microsoft] since somehow they know that a beatiful linux experience out of the box can seriously harm their monopoly[see the mobile sector for example], the problem is this famous draconian deals to convert every OEM/vendor in a linux enemy[at least the big ones] making the road very hard but many skilled ppl everyday find ways around it and once linux can operate well enough on this faulty hardware and we find a way to have access to OEM i think linux will sky rocket[and microsoft would go 100% patent trolling tho ] but patience is a most here.


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        I can confirm power regression is HUGE on my AMD Thinkpad laptop at least on Arch 3.5.3 kernel, previous 3.4.9 was not exemplary, too (3.4.7 was better).
        And only Ubuntu with kernel 3.2 could get me 5-5.5 hours - closer to windows, under which i get 7 hours, +- 2-3 hours, depending on usage. Which led me to think that from a user point of view - windows power management is more "scalable" and "adjustable". On windows you can save extremely even when battery is almost over.

        This situation is completely awful, and I agree with

        Originally posted by 1c3d0g View Post
        I can see these power issues are becoming a major problem for Linux in general. It's hard to say to Windows users: "hey, this software is free, but you'll get an hour less of battery life". This is simply not acceptable, no matter how you twist it.

        I know the troubles involved in making progress (uncooperative companies, undocumented protocols, closed-off hardware, etc.), but this is something that we as a community need to put pressure on. I don't know who, or which influential company, will need to fire the first salvo, but it's something that's got to be done to make hardware manufacturers realize the seriousness of the issue.

        Originally posted by ua=42 View Post
        Ah. I was wondering when we would get another power regression. Anyone want to make bets on how many kernel versions will pass before it is fixed? My bet is 4.
        Because that's what things TRULY are... :-/

        Which, of course doesn't mean i will switch to windows or Ubuntu because of that. It's just the way it is...