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i.MX DRM Support Called For Staging

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  • i.MX DRM Support Called For Staging

    Phoronix: i.MX DRM Support Called For Staging

    The driver developer responsible for the i.MX Image Processing Unit DRM driver has called for it to be ultimately pushed into the Linux kernel but first via the kernel's staging area...

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    Michael im still not sure where you get the idea that
    "Freescale's i.MX51 is a low-end SoC targeted for Google Chrome OS netbooks and the like while the i.MX53 is a much more powerful chip with better graphics capabilities."

    the mx51 and its slightly revised mx53 Cortex A8's were primarily developed for the so called Automotive applications/infotainment and Industrial applications ,it says so right there on their respective pages, the MX6 Quad and its lower core dual and mono derivative Cortex A9 where added as the real current net book and other consumer devices like Ebook's etc.

    as for these freescale patches they have been around for a long time in the Linaro list's, as i keep telling you to watch for interesting ARM patch news etc you can grab key words and potential stories from to drive your site traffic ad income, nice to see you finally write some ARM front pages now OC, did these improve your unique page hits advertising any

    TBO the
    Support for dmabuf exporting for videobuf2 The patches adds support for DMABUF exporting to V4L2 stack.

    "The patches adds support for DMABUF exporting to V4L2 stack.

    The latest
    support for DMABUF importing was posted in [1]. The exporter part is dependant on DMA mapping redesign [2] which is expected to be merged into the mainline." seem far more interesting at the current time.

    "The tree with all the patches and extensions is available at:
    repo: git://
    branch: media-for3.5-vb2-dmabuf-v7


    - add documentation for DMABUF exporting
    - squashed 'let mmap method to use dma_mmap_coherent call' with
    'remove vb2_mmap_pfn_range function'
    - move setup of scatterlist for MMAP buffers from alloc to DMABUF export code
    - use locking to serialize map/unmap of DMABUF attachments
    - squash vmap/kmap, setup of sg lists, allocation in attachments into
    dma-contig exporter patch
    - fix occasional failure of follow_pfn trick by using init_mm in artificial
    - add support for exporting in s5p-mfc driver
    - drop all code that duplicates sg_alloc_table_from_pages
    - introduce usage of dma_get_sgtable as generic solution
    to follow_pfn trick

    - updated setup of VIDIOC_EXPBUF ioctl
    - doc updates
    - introduced workaround to avoid using dma_get_pages,
    - removed caching of exported dmabuf to avoid existence of circular reference
    between dmabuf and vb2_dc_buf or resource leakage
    - removed all 'change behaviour' patches
    - inital support for exporting in s5p-mfs driver
    - removal of vb2_mmap_pfn_range that is no longer used
    - use sg_alloc_table_from_pages instead of creating sglist in vb2_dc code
    - move attachment allocation to exporter's attach callback"
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