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Linux On The 2012 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro?

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    @ Chris
    Laptops fit into backpacks.
    Ultrabooks fit into your european man-purse.


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      Here's why the X server leaves fonts so tiny: at least on my laptop, it sees and logs correct dimensions and resolution, and then throws them away and pulls dimensions out of its ass to make 96 dpi. It's a feature!


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        Originally posted by dfacto View Post
        I don't see why so many people insist that either a) apple is prohibitively expensive (...) At least in July 2011 I felt it was a great deal given the hardware. (I could care less about the logo.) My suspicion is that Apple remains competitive give their hardware.
        The thing is that Apple hardware is usually competitive (1) only when a new model comes out. Since the prices never drop throughout the lifetime of the devices (2), what happens is that after 6 months you're buying hardware whose value has halved (3) but the price remains the same.

        (1) if you buy the base model only, because the upgrades prices are ridiculous
        (2) can take up to year, or more, for a refresh
        (3) because the components used are cheaper and the competition is already producing equivalent models for less


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          Originally posted by popper View Post
          Fair enough, its a little odd though no 3rd party OEM at Computex etc that i could find when i looked seems to being 17 inch anywhere right now although sharp will be doing 6.1 inch at 2560 x 1600 of all things and a 13.5 inch 3840 x 2160 (QFHD).

          and i Believe they are also going to do a 32" 3840 x 2160 (QFHD) as well this year so there are options out there now, and im sure the other vendors besides sharp are also working the foundries to get these higher 2xxxXwhatever plus specs this year....
          Interesting info, thanks.

          I think (hope) higher pixel density screens will become more common in the near term. This basically because Apple just broke the rules set by the Taiwan LCD cartel. Seeing that better screens can be offered I expect the market will really punish computer makers who keep trying to sell "hi definition" 1366x768 crap, and that will force the hand of the LCD makers.


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            Originally posted by uid313 View Post
            Because a laptop is supposed to be a portable computer.
            Easy to carry. Slim, light-weight, thin.

            Else I could just get a desktop computer.
            When I go out, I want it to be easy to carry. Also look pretty, I don't want wear something thick and ugly and look like a dork. I want something elegant.
            I have a Lenovo w500, 15.6" screen. It is a solid machine. It has a 1920x1200 LCD backed by switchable graphics. Using it's high power CPU and it's dedicated graphics controller it can subsample, re-render and re-texture the OpenGL output of your MB faster than your MB can produce new output for my w500 to chew up. It chews up and swallows workloads that your effete MB fears to bring near it's prim little mouth.

            My arms and shoulders and trunk and hips and legs are muscular unlike your jelly-like body.

            My w500 is black, and black is beautiful.

            My w500 means business, your jellybook means "I don't really do anything with this machine, I just pose with it".



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              Originally posted by hoohoo View Post
              I have a Lenovo w500, 15.6" screen.
              If computers were female your MB would admit nothing more than the tip of my little finger and it would wail in distress like a JAV kawaii starlet while doing so.

              My w500 however...