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The Facebook Phone Will Use Linux

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  • The Facebook Phone Will Use Linux

    Phoronix: The Facebook Phone Will Use Linux

    This shouldn't come as a terrible surprise, but the Facebook Phone looks like it will be running atop Linux...

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    the redmond company?

    Im sorry for the bile, I just dont get why companies are not called by their names.


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      Here's a leaked image of the facebook phone:

      No seriously, why would facebook invest in developing a mobile phone?


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        Facebook phone?
        Does not want.

        Originally posted by crispy View Post
        Im sorry for the bile, I just dont get why companies are not called by their names.
        Poor journalism.


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          I have no desire for such a phone, but it will probably sell like hotcakes if it's marketed and priced right. I could see every kid in school wanting one. Put parental controls on it and it's sold.


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            Uh, it's basically a blackberry that will doubtlessly be infested up the wazzoo with ads, so why in the world would anybody want this?

            Especially if you already have some kind of mobile phone: you are already into some platform, whether it's Android or iOS or Symbian or Windows... you have applications that you've figured out how to tweak for your needs, and chances are you're pretty happy with it (or at least happier than you'd be in a completely new environment where all you can figure out how to do is write on your Facebook wall).

            It would surprise me if they went their own route with the platform rather than re-using Android, but if they do use Android, then it isn't going to be different enough from pre-existing Android phones to "sell like hotcakes". Looks like a blackberry and runs Android; that's not really so enticing when Android phones with hardware keyboards already exist and are popular with mobile typists.


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              Since they'll buy the Opera browser they'd better have a phone...


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                If they do end up buying Opera (not just the mobile versions), Opera'll lose a lot of users. The response in their forums has been overwhelmingly negative.

                Me too of course, I'd have to move to an inferior browser and change my email too. Sad if it comes to that.

                I wouldn't trust Facebook with a wooden stick, let alone something of value like my data and emails.


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                  If they bought Opera, they would add Facebook integration for sharing and such.
                  Many people would not like it.
                  They maybe also would profile users more by usage tracking and such.

                  I hope they do not buy Opera.
                  If they do buy Opera, I hope they open source it, but I doubt they would.
                  I think Opera should go open source.
                  The web is meant to be open, Google and Mozilla gets it, Opera doesn't.


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                    Opera tries to come off as a "web pioneer" company, inventing new stuff for our intarwebs that all the other companies steal. To a degree it's true because they participate in open standards bodies, but then so do Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla.

                    Basically they don't amount to a hill of beans these days. They have a pretty decent and performant rendering engine that ports to a lot of platforms, but then so does WebKit and, to a lesser degree, Gecko. They don't bring anything truly special to the table particularly because they are closed source. If Opera open sourced itself before WebKit and Chrome took over the world, I think it would be in a very different position now. Too late though.