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Qualcomm Clarifies Killing Proprietary Drivers

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  • Qualcomm Clarifies Killing Proprietary Drivers

    Phoronix: Qualcomm Clarifies Killing Proprietary Drivers

    Qualcomm has clarified their views today regarding the presentation of two of their Atheros developers proposing that all proprietary drivers be killed for good across all platforms and replaced with open-source drivers...

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    Eheh, too beautiful to be true
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    Intel: GMA45, HD3000 (Core i5 2500K)


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      Leave it to some random PR drone with nothing better to do to click on a random link that says "Qualcomm", read something that may potentially represent a viewpoint "of Qualcomm" (the company -- as if corporate entities can have opinions -- hah!) and request the author to take it down just because it hasn't been cleared through legal.

      Free speech is dead.


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        I kinda got the impression that those guys were speaking for themselves anyway. They just had the Qualcomm logo on their slides.


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          Ah, big surprise.
          The true engineers, hackers, scientists trying to get the software free. At least the base where everything else is based upon. Honorable and good.
          Then the tie&marketing clowns come and destroy everything.
          Business as usual.
          Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!