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Linux 3.4 Kernel Will Gain More Android Patches

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  • Linux 3.4 Kernel Will Gain More Android Patches

    Phoronix: Linux 3.4 Kernel Will Gain More Android Patches

    Towards the end of last year a new effort was initiated to mainline more of the Android changes inside the Linux kernel. Work has been progressing on that front and with the Linux 3.4 kernel more of these changes will land...

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    It would be a killer move if Linux distros could run Android software. It would make the likes of Ubuntu super mainstream as gaming is what holds many users to Windows desktops. Business use Windows as their workers are familiar with it at home. Break that bond and you win the battle.


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      "michael said:changes in this staging pull isn't anything particularly exciting but Android work on the RAM console and persistent RAM."
      well OC YOU wouldn't see anything "particularly exciting" in a new "persistent RAM" code base given you say you started with x86 back in the day and NOT an AMIGA so you would probably not even know about the massive potential and speed of a RAD (Recoverable rAm Drive) or 3.

      as in it's RAD contents can survive a warm reboot as the persistent_ram APIs are potentially able to do, it is VERY Interesting from that POV once stable , mount a RAD, fill it with a bootable content, set a envarc in the RAD boot script to say its mountable and bootable and reboot any number of these on the fly to your ram limit , something kills the RAD's, the envarc doenst exist anymore, so reload them from HD storage etc, simple and easy as one example.
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