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    Originally posted by ssam View Post
    but how much do you need openGL on a phone? whats more important for you mobile gaming or an opensource phone? what phone do you currently use btw?

    Linux didn't get were it is by people saying, "until it is opensource down to the BIOS, i'll keep using Windows"
    OSS phone first and foremost, but if I can get a little emulation going on like the OpenPandora it's defiantly an added selling point for those times when theres nothing to do and porn isn't an option...

    I loathe ATT and Verszon so I've managed to survive the hightech maelstrom on a dirt cheap prepaid Samsung T404G, it does all I need it a phone to do, just not all I'd like a single device to do.

    Honestly I had though the Freerunner line had been axed, I didn't have any cash to spare on the initial version and press at the time had shown it to be an incomplete product for some time after launch for those hack away at it.

    But if theres going to be a much upgraded version available with a much more complete software stack then I'm defiantly game for a new phone. As for the OSS drivers, thats just a personal preference, if theres no option but a blob then so be it, but if theres a working OSS driver then I'll take that instead even at the cost of performance. Besides, we're fairly close to getting an OSS BIOS on allot more hardware thanks to the Coreboot guys efforts.


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      Originally posted by rah_ View Post
      I often despair with Larabel, so poor is his reporting. This article is a perfect example of that.
      Honestly, he doesn't seem to give a shit, theres tons of bad reporting by him. Phoronix = Tom's Hardware Guide for Linux...